Write Skills offers a number of professional English language and related services, including :

• Editing and Proofreading of all types of documents. We specialise in editing and proofreading government documents and tertiary reports (up to PhD level).

• Scribing and Minute-Taking for workshops, seminars, round-table discussions, meetings, think-tank sessions, etc.

• Formatting of documents. This is an add-on service to the editing and proofreading services, which is often requested by clients.

• Writing of a range of documents, including reports, policies and procedures. We specialise in the development of high-quality, customised training courseware  for training providers and FET colleges.

All services are provided by a highly qualified professional with degree and post-graduate qualifications including: English, Psychology, Marketing, Assessor, Moderator, etc.
Professional memberships include: IMM, PRISA, Professional Editor’s Group (SA), English Academy of SA