Commissioned writing projects of all sizes are undertaken for clients, including the following, in which we have solid experience in terms of writing:

• Training manuals and educational materials
• Marketing, HR and other research materials
• Reports
• Policies and procedures
• Tenders

Areas of specialisation in terms of writing are: research reports, research materials, tender documents, policies and procedures, training materials / courseware, spec sheets, all types of marketing materials, communication materials, articles, annual reports, progress reports, project reports, newsletters, minutes, etc.

A list of training materials / courseware items that have been written and developed for clients is provided here, including: short courses and bespoke courseware; SAQA unit standards plus supporting documentation (assessments and model answers, etc.).

• Road Freighting (SAQA US)
– Controlling hazardous/dangerous goods (SAQA US)
– Convey dangerous goods by road (SAQA US)
• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in the workplace and its effects on a business sub-sector (SAQA US)
• Write editing , coding and data processing instructions for the desired analysis (SAQA US)
• Advertising Practice (SAQA US):
– Creative Strategy and the Creative Process
– Creativity
– Colour and its uses in Advertising
– The Advertising Agency
– The Advertising Campaign
• Advertising Production (SAQA US):
– Organisation and Functionality of the Advertising Agency
– The Printing Process
– Print Reproduction
– Binding, Foiling, Folding, Stitching
– Direct Mail
– Radio and Television Production
– Outdoor Media and Production for Outdoor Media
• Advertising Principles (SAQA US):
– Introduction to Advertising
– Types of Advertising
– Advertising Functions
– Advertising and Societal Factors
• Communication Skills (including a number of SAQA US):
– Emotional Intelligence and Own Communication Style
– Inter-personal Relationships
– Inter-personal Skills
– Emotions, Personality and Personality styles, Self-esteem
– Conflict
– The Communication Process
– Verbal Communication (oral)
– Listening Skills and Empathy
– Verbal Communication (written)
– Non-verbal Communication
– Body Language
– Organisational Communication
– Multi-cultural Communication
– Barriers to Inter-personal Communication
– Handling Inter-personal Conflict
– Etiquette and Protocol
– Written Communication
• Business English (NQF Level 4)
• Business Writing (advanced course) (SAQA US)
• Business Writing (introductory course)
• Chairing Meetings
• Conflict Management
• Communication Skills (basic course)
• Communication Skills (advanced course)
• Corporate Newsletters
• Emotional Intelligence
• English Improvement: Grammar and Punctuation
• English Improvement: Vocabulary and Comprehension
• Etiquette and Protocol
• Event Management (basic course)
• Event Management (advanced course)
• Filing and Records Management
• Handling Inter-personal Conflict
• Internal Communication
• Minutes of Meetings and the Role of the Committee Secretary
• Leadership Skills
• Public Relations Today
• Recognise Diversity when delivering Customer Service
• Report Writing (basic course)
• Report Writing (advanced course)
• The Executive Secretary
• The Professional Office Administrator
• The Professional Receptionist
• The Professional PA
• Travel and Event Management for Secretaries
• Travel Management for Secretaries and PA’s
• Marketing 101
• Writing Funding Proposals
• Writing Policies and Procedures
• Brandy Production:
– Evaluate the sensory quality of unmatured and matured wine spirits (SAQA US)
– Transfer and blend unmatured and matured wine distillates (SAQA US)
– Receive and handle rebate and distilling wine for beverage distilling purposes (SAQA US)
– Carry out wine spirits wood maturation (SAQA US)
• Entrepreneurship (SAQA US):
– Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial qualities (SAQA US)
– Identify, analyse and select business opportunities (SAQA US)
• Small Business Counselling
– Develop own ability to provide a business advisory service for SMMEs (SAQA US)
– Explain marketing for SMMEs (SAQA US)
• Export Orientation:
– Conduct international marketing research (SAQA US)
– Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts underlying importing and exporting (SAQA US)