Our clients :

We are proud to have provided services to the following organisations:

• Africa Institute of SA
• African Motion Picture Company
• Alcorn Rayner Marketing
• Amatolo Water
• Ambition Business Enterprise
• Ascentys Management Consultants
• Council for the Built Environment
• Deloitte Consulting
• Department of Education, Mpumalanga
• Department of Energy
• Department of Public Enterprises
• Department of Science and Technology
• Department of Social Development
• Denel
• Devnomics
• FDM Investment Managers & Consultants
• Gauteng Department of Sport, Art and Culture
• Gen-health
• Goedgedacht Forum
• Go Sports
• Guidelines at Macmillan Publishing
• HPD Africa, Kenya
• Indigo Marketing
• Integrated Tertiary Software
• Interface Network Technology
• International Journal of Transitional Justice
• Johannesburg Water
• Life Path Health Group
• Lotus Communications
• LR Training Group
• Mad Charity
• Maurice Kerrigan Training
• Mining Qualifications Authority
• National Treasury
• Nepad
• Pebble Bed Modular Reactor
• Phumelela
• Prime Graphics
• Promethium Carbon
• Re-action Consulting
• Remotek Corporation
• Reputable Conference Resorts
• RFC Finance
• SA Communications
• Safcol
• SNA Attorneys
• Stellenbosch Municipality
• The Brazen Head
• The Politician Magazine
• Topco Media
• Umalusi
• UNISA (English Dept)
• University of Stellenbosch
• UCT Medical Faculty
• Vlame
• Western Cape Provincial Government
• Wits Health Consortium Bara Ontarget
• WITS University (ACA2K Project)
• Wogan Resources
• Xisiwana Management Consultants


Some of the books and monographs we have edited include:

  • A fictitious tale of a frog and a whale
  • Africa Insight
  • Azerbaijan
  • Employment through procurement
  • Chinua Achebe
  • Child headed households
  • Climate change education
  • The impact of hazards and disasters in Africa
  • The making of the IEC
  • Circular migration in the Eastern Cape
  • Top 100 women in Kenya
  • Municipal solid waste management
  • Challenges facing education in SA
  • Natural and human-induced hazards and disasters
  • Africa at the crossroads
  • Africa at a glance
  • Perspectives of SA-China relations
  • ANC centenary – end of history
  • African intellectual knowledge systems and Africa’s future
  • Unite or perish – Africa fifty years after the founding of the OAU
  • Peace education for violence prevention


A long list of academic papers have been edited, proofread or re-written over the years, including:

Building brand equity through selected marketing programmes
Fama-French three factor model on the JSE
HIV/AIDS education needs of urban youth for community-based television
Impact of HIV/AIDS on the mental well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children
Quality of professional conduct by registered nurses in public hospitals
Modelling macro influencing factors to address South African energy challenges : A focus on electricity demand and climate change
Perceptions of the SMTs on the possible influence of Batho Pele principles on learners’ academic achievement
Recognition of Prior Learning
Relationship between market structure and deposit pricing
Formwork and scaffolding industry: maximizing shareholders’ wealth, through project and programme management
Demand responsive approach: eligibility criteria for selecting communities for rural water supply investment in Mozambique
The flotation of high talc-containing ore from the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe
Environmental Criteria for Selection of Rural Water Supply Projects in Mozambique
Improving Sustainability of Hydro-Meteorological Telemetric Networks in Mozambique
The most important success factors for implementation of Government Projects in Mozambique
Project Governance for Large Capital Projects
The differential impacts of external vs internal technology acquisition on firm’s performance
Financial intermediation of banks
Implementation of a project management methodology within an engineering group
The impact of project quality management on the performance and standard of education in the central region of the North West Province
How learning in a community of learners fostered Educational Psychology students’ preparation for the profession
An Investigation of Problem Factors in ERP Selection
The impact of mentorship on the career progression of employees within the financial services industry
Conflicting Croft : A South African case study based on the evolution of Lara Croft
Creating the Programme-Managed Learning Organization for Maximising Stakeholder Value
Investigating factors that hinder local consultants from participating in local projects in Tanzania
Evaluation of the services rendered by a credit bureau to the consumer
Investigation into an appropriate technology-analysis technique to determine the sustainability of renewable energy technologies: The case of ocean-tidal energy in South Africa
An investigation into a method to quantify the social footprint of Proctor and Gamble’s operations
Interaction between HIV/AIDS and infective endocarditis in Africa: a retrospective case report and literature review
Promoting the adoption of electricity efficient technologies as an alternative to generation capacity expansion in South Africa: A case for the ferrochrome industry
Theory of constraints: A case study in a South African coal mine production section
Large discs with large cups – a diagnostic challenge in African patients
Identification of Critical Success Factors in ERP solution within the Freight Forwarding Industry – The example of UTi
Environmental management systems as cooperative governance tools to promote sustainable development in South African metropolitan cities
Patent intelligence for science and technology linkage indication
Decision-making tools: Disposal of a petro-chemical plant
The Effect of Human Error on Maintenance Performance in a Technology Organisation
Development, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of a new artificial disc prosthesis (Kineflex/Centurion disc) and the relevant insertion instrumentation for the human lumbar spine
The relevance of emotional intelligence in project management for the aviation industry
Fundamental electrochemical behaviour of pentlandite
Entrepreneurial team formation in the craft sector in South Africa: The case of the Ekurhuleni crafter groups
An investigation of payout policy theory: the case of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Transnational supply chains
Who Has Been Driving the People’s Housing Process
Poverty and whiteness in the new South Africa
Why has the petrochemical industry been compelled to embark on asset management optimisation initiatives and how have they developed and implemented these strategies?
The use of consultants versus independent strategy formation for small and medium enterprises in Gauteng
Acute coronary syndromes in black South African patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection
The impact of affirmative action on productivity: the Mintek scenario
Exploring the acceptance of enterprise resource planning systems by small manufacturing enterprises
Attitudes of patients towards routine HIV testing at Athlone Hospital, Botswana
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Risk Factor Profile, Familial Aggregation, Prognostic Indicators and Treatment
An investigation into the failures and successes of BEE for SMEs within a coal mining environment in Mpumalanga Province in SA
Using a context-based problem solving instruction to enhance the problem solving skills of grade 10 learners from a disadvantaged socio-economic background who were performing poorly in mathematics
Thrombolic therapy for acute myocardial infarction by emergency care practitioners
The role of medium density mixed housing in achieving greater diversity
Explaining the past through the study of modern ceramic production
Therapeutic hypothermia (TH with Low Technology (LT)
The key liability in the Business Rescue Practitioner’s decision making process
An investigation of the Risk Management Application in Projects Funded by the NDA
Evaluating the importance of a holistic marketing concept and the overall impact thereof on participant acquisition and retention in clinical research trial studies
Government contract work: problems and challenges with payment
Investigating vulnerabilities of young adult women and the impact on GBSV and HIV/AIDS – a study done in Swaziland
Implementing the National Curriculum Statement: how is instructional capacity in the teaching and learning of mathematics constructed, organised and replenished in secondary schools?


  • The development of an executive information systems framework to support business analytics in a volatile environment
  • Characterisation of total luminous flux measurements for light emitting diodes
  • Education in the best interests of the child
  • Supply chain security orientation
  • Accountability frameworks and their relationship to the performance of state-owned companies
  • Economic factors influencing the construction industry: a case study on Murray & Roberts
  • Women in mining
  • Co-operative in Mpumalanga province – role, policy, impact and sustainability
  • A study of adequacy and effectiveness of support given to SMMEs in SA
  • Living arrangements, orphanhood reporting and orphanhood estimates in Lesotho, Malawi and Zimbabwe
  • Skills shortage in the SA micro-automotive industry: impact, consequences and challenges