Minute-Taking, Scribing:

We offer a Minute-Taking / Scribing service for meetings, conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions, think-tanks, interviews, research, etc. The client may specify either a detailed, verbatim-type set of minutes / report or a summarised version of proceedings. Our standard turn-around time is 7 days per day of scribing and finalised documents are forwarded via e-mail. We work to the highest standards and assure clients of utmost confidentiality in terms of information provided at the seminar/ discussion/ meeting.

Experience includes: board meetings and other executive meetings; government department workshops, seminars, stakeholder workshops, round-table discussions and think-tank sessions; inter-university think-tank and workshop sessions; continental think-tank and workshop sessions; worldwide report release stakeholder workshops and workshop sessions.
Please forward full details of your meeting/ workshop/ seminar if you would like a formal quotation for proofreading. Please include: dates; times; venue; number of people; type of workshop/ meeting; type of document required; etc.


Examples of Minute-Taking and Scribing:

Examples of work done, which can be seen here: Example 1, Example 2